4.5 Productions

About 4.5 Productions Media Consultancy


4.5 Productions Media Consultancy is a company started by Jack T. Pennington. For the past 8 years I have blogged,


researched, and taken part in the third industrial revolution. The third industrial revolution is humanity's necessity to learn


and implement technology for a more sustainable future of all earth's inhabitants. As a writer it is my goal with the creation of


this company to create a social platform of various creatives who are networked to create solutions for the world as well as


companies involved with this revolution reach more people with like minded goals.




4.5 Productions Media Consultancy can help businesses fine tune themselves to the unpredictable future of marketing in this


technology driven era. We must all learn to sustain business driven goals without the motivation purely driven by


profit without respect.




4.5 means "love points to change" a motto I created in order to explain not only the motivation behind how we achieve


sustainability in everything we do but the change that motivates creative and prouductive solutions.

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